This is a first person dungeon crawler created for the Dungeon Crawler Jam 2021. Most of the time was spent making the 3D engine, with only about a day left to make the game.

W / Up - Move forward
Q / Left - Turn left
E / Right - Turn right
S / Down - Move backwards
A - Strafe left
D - Strafe right
H / F - Heal yourself with Medikit
1 - Switch to Pistol
2 - Switch to Shotgun (if owned)
3 - Switch to Assault Rifle (if owned)
Left click - Fire weapon, use terminal / storage locker
Right click / R-  Reload
F2 - Settings
F3 - Save
F4 - Load
Escape - Exit
P - Play game (from title screen)

- The enemy sprites and most of the textures were created by Maxim. (KKairos also made a texture.)
- This game was made using the brilliant game creation system MegaZeux.
- Music by Tam Music Factory.
- Sound effects by SONNISS and Tam Music Factory.

Install instructions

To run the standalone Windows 64-bit version, extract the contents of the ZIP somewhere and run mzxrun.exe.

If you are on a non-Windows platform, go to DigitalMZX and download a version of MegaZeux for your platform. You can then use this to play the files in the Windows 64-bit ZIP.


labyrinth-io-win64-v1.02.zip 10 MB

Development log


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Wait... I've just searched 'MegaZeux' on itch io... And i found this!!! I'm a jammer of Dungeoncrawler Jam 2021 too, but... MegaZeux!? Man, i dont remember how i've rated your game year ago (i liked it btw), but this is GREAT work making beautiful dungeoncrawler on Megazeux!!! 

Thank you for the praise. Keep an eye out, because we plan on releasing more Megazeux games in the future.