This is a first person dungeon crawler created for the Dungeon Crawler Jam 2021. Most of the time was spent making the 3D engine, with only about a day left to make the game.

W / Up - Move forward
Q / Left - Turn left
E / Right - Turn right
S / Down - Move backwards
A - Strafe left
D - Strafe right
H / F - Heal yourself with Medikit
1 - Switch to Pistol
2 - Switch to Shotgun (if owned)
3 - Switch to Assault Rifle (if owned)
Left click - Fire weapon, use terminal / storage locker
Right click / R-  Reload
F2 - Settings
F3 - Save
F4 - Load
Escape - Exit
P - Play game (from title screen)

- The enemy sprites and most of the textures were created by Maxim. (KKairos also made a texture.)
- This game was made using the brilliant game creation system MegaZeux.
- Music by Tam Music Factory.
- Sound effects by SONNISS and Tam Music Factory.

Install instructions

To run the standalone Windows 64-bit version, extract the contents of the ZIP somewhere and run mzxrun.exe.

If you are on a non-Windows platform, go to DigitalMZX and download a version of MegaZeux for your platform. You can then use this to play the files in the Windows 64-bit ZIP.


labyrinth-io-win64-v1.02.zip 10 MB

Development log

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